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Lietterschpich [ליטרשפיך]

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Lietterschpich has been boiling down doom and dub, foul language, obscene noise, primitive rituals and perplexing visual propaganda since 2003. Comprised of local veterans of the Israeli post-punk, industrial and electronica scenes, they quickly gained cult status in the noise and experimental underground scene and so far released the “Quasi” 3″ cdr in 2005 and their critically acclaimed “I Cum Blood in the Think Tank” full album in 2007, which was best described by Aquarius Records from San Francisco as “An intense and punishing listen, fierce and freaked out, druggy and seriously fucking scary, but within that body of blood and bile, lurks a heart of luminous radiance”.

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Aviad Albert (Finkelstein) – [digital console]

Rani Zager (Zazbendoom) – [vocals]

David Oppenheim (Dal-Brain) – [drums & vocals]

Oz (Leporello) Vult -[sampler & guitar]

Alma Ben-Yoseph (Lil’ Oof) – [tapes]

Eran Sachs (Zaxbendoom) – [no-input mixer]

Past Members:

Guy Scechter – [drums]

Ron Katzir & Nevet Yitshak (Too Sweet Killer Whales) – 

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