An Interactive Radio-Art Sound Installation in public space
German Colony, August 2006
Schnormelodie chairty boxes on a local bus stop
Since the mid 00s weird unexplained charity boxes started appearing on bus stops in Jerusalem, unconnected to public transport but rather to Jewish charity organizations. Who was behind them? No one clearly knows.

During my research I discovered a forgotten little family ran workshop which was responsible for producing the SCHNORMELODIE charity boxes. Sadly, the family business was struggling with a rapidly changing urban context and a significant change in the neighborhood’s demographics.

In August 2006 I have worked with a team and prepared musical charity boxes – when you insert a coin – they play some sounds.

These musical charity boxes were hang on bus stops in the German Colony in Jerusalem as part of the Avodot Schoona art event for art in public spaces. They were placed next to the original unexplained ones and allegedly played sounds from a nearby Templar factory workshop for the manufacture of… musical charity boxes.

As the photos below indicate, the installation required erecting a special radio station, which transmitted over an area of approx. 3 km. My team consisted of two electronic designers – Yair Reshef and Amir Markovitch (who were both drafted to the IDF during the event), and a industrial designer – Shmoolik Menagen.

Avodot Schoona was curated by Sala-Manca for the Jerusalem Train Theater.

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