An 8 speakers sound installation by Eran Sachs and Yinon Negev

presented within the framework of Heara 10 – February 2006, Jerusalem


The Socio Geological Research Centre (SOCGERC)

At the beginning of the 1950s, with the nature of the newly established State of Israel becoming gradually clearer, the leaders of the young state grew ever so conscious of the need to develop a new science – one that would function as an institutional-scientific source for the consolidation of a modern ideological and technological strength, alongside the Nuclear Power. In March 1953 Ben-Gurion appointed Yigal Yadin to spearhead the matter, and, to Yadin’s request, President Haim Weizman addressed Albert Einstein with an invitation to take part in the project. Einstein, who was felt inconvenient due to his prior refusal to serve as the first President of the State of Israel, politely accepted the offer.

Yadin sought to develop a science that would reflect the new rejuvenated image of the nation and the link between the Zionist movement and its historical Jewish origins. After five years of intensive research, the new science was unveiled: Socio-Geology. The science of Socio-Geology was developed as a convergence of archeology, physics, geology and history. At the most fundamental level of research, Yadin and Einstein placed the phenomena of “Social Stratification” – the sedimentation of social phenomena in layers of rock. The central discovery of the team of researches recruited by the two men showed that, similarly to water, human life seeps to the ground and is stored in the rocks in socio-tectonic layers.

These findings were met with enthusiasm on Ben-Gurion’s part. In order to quickly advance the development of the new science he designated an imaginary sum of a million (1,000,000!) Israeli Liras for the foundation of the Socio-Geological Research Centre (SOCGERC). The location for the research campus of the new science was quite naturally chosen to be at the heart of the government hill in Giv’at Ram, Jerusalem, out of a desire to instill the new science as the ultimate scientific justification for the activities of the new official sovereignty. Measuring equipment was assembled in abundance to the main research room, located here, in this room, at the same spot occupied currently by the Israeli Science Musem. The first system that was built was of the AcoPu3X4 – essentially a pump that draws the acoustic sounds which are stored in the rock. This system operates through induction over water using quadruple electromagnetic triangulation.

It was also the last system that was built at SOCGERC. Within a short time bitter argument arouse between Yadin and Einstein. The results issued by the AcoPu system were quite different from those Yadin hoped to obtain. Time and time again, the measurements dug up sounds of merchant speaking in Arabic and crusader knights conversing, but they were oddly barren of any evidence from the First Temple period. The measurements further revealed that the movements of the social strata repeatedly lead to collisions which, when subjected to seismographic analysis, exhibit an irregular pattern, which denies any possibility of planning or complete regulation. This significantly aggravated Yadin who demanded that Einstein blow up the layers of the deceptive rock. Einstein declined and retorted that the measurements must be erroneous, and in turn demanded that he’d be given enough time so as to develop and explanation of the geological randomness as an expression of the theory of general relativity.

In protest of Einstein’s refusal to blow the rock up, Yadin left the Research Centre, and Einstein could continue his studies together with his team of scientists. Yet all this while Yadin incessantly attacked and criticized the science of Socio Geology. When, in 1961, Yadin accused AcoPu of being an “anti-Semitic system” Einstein took the system’s offense and retired from SOCGERC. Shortly thereafter, Ben-Gurion made significant cuts to SOCGERC’s budget and the campus remained active in reduced format, until it was eventually abandoned, effectively terminating the Socio-Geological research.

With the erection of Science Museum in Jerusalem the campus resumed its activities in the reduced format, and AcoPu is presently maintained by Yinon Negev and Eran Sachs, who supervise the system’s innovative capacity for  measuring tectonic movement of Socio Geological layers.

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