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No-Input-Mixer, electronics and resonating plastic cups
Setup for duet with Meira Asher, Tel-Aviv 2013

My main instrument is the No-Input-Mixer, which I have been playing since 1998. I chanced upon it in my old home studio when I was exploring a Burroughsian notion of imploding systems.

garfield artworx - [pitts, pa] zax setup

No-Input-Mixer, tom and electronics
Cadaver Eyes setup, Pittsburgh 2007

Basically, I connect the mixer in a way that is “wrong” according to its original usage, culling sounds from the silent channels of a device wholly dependent on external sources. This process results in a system that is quite unexpected, very sensitive to physical touch, and which capable of massive complex sound textures as well as delicate and refined sounds.
I have been playing this system as my main solo instrument, as well as in various groups and ensembles. Over the years I have develops various setups around the mixer, extending it with electronics, digital processing, reel-to-reel machines, resonating objects, and even incorporating acoustic input into the no-input chain.

Projects which involve the No-Input-Mixer include LIETTERSCHPICH, CADAVER EYES, HYPERION ENSEMBLE, SPECIAL OLYMPICS and a few others.

Berlin with Hyperion/Dumitrescu, 2011

No-Input-Mixer and electronics
Berlin with Hyperion/Dumitrescu

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