A 16-speakers interactive sound installation

Eran Sachs with Inon Negev and Yair Reshef Sound installation
Part of The Golem project, The Lab, Jerusalem November 2006

From the program of Golem project:
“Ariel is the name of the rock next to which the parking lot of The Lab was constructed, and after which the Ariel hotel is named. In recent years the rock has become restless.
Invited by the Hebrew University, through the mediation of Eran Sachs, Yinon Negev and Yair Reshef, Prof. Schillinger of the Research Laboratories for Acoustic Geology in Dresden has erected, and mounted on Ariel, the newest model of his GeoRauch® system, which is capable of receiving sounds produced by rocks and other geological creatures, and transmitting them to the human ear, we hoped to trace the roots of the problem”.

This installation used self-programmed motion tracking software that provided a different sound per viewer, which followed the audience as they walked along the array.

The making of Ariel…

You can view the full visual documentation here

And look at the program of the Golem project here

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