Hanut Flyer

Somehow it became quite rare for Alex and me to host Primate Arena events in Israel – we get to do it mainly while touring, as was the case with our PRIMATE ARENA festival in Paris in November 2014.

This week we will host two events, both featuring the amazing Brighton based Ian Murphy (Hobo Sonn) and Duncan Harrison.

One will be held on Tuesday 03.03.15 in Tel-Aviv Hanut Gallery, and will also feature Grisha Shakhnes, Daniel Davidovsky and Tom Soloveitzik;

The other will be held om Wednesday 04.03.15 in Yafo, at Anan’s Mosaic Workshop in Pushkin 16 and will feature an assortment of shady characters including David Opp, Daniel Baranov, Zohar Shafir, Ofir Bachmutzky, Assaf Setty, Eran Bril, Yoav Beirach.

Here is that version of the event.


Is going to be very special – the description Electronic, acoustic & vocal improvisations is the least informative one. I prefer Cherished Distress Curry Suit.



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