[ZAX news] March 2014 adventures

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ZAX – January 2014 update 
| CADAVER EYES two days TLV tour | ZAX solo | HYPERION ENSEMBLE gig in Athens |
| ASHER.ZAX in Israel and Switzerland | Announcements |
Open up, unholiness!
March brings tidings of shows, special projects and travels to places warm and cool. Good going, spring…
Now some updates:


Cadaver Eyes and Barbara. Two Mammoth duos join forces for a meshed up set which consists of both bands disrupting each other, welding the musics into one monolithic dirge. And we will be joined by special guest oof. It takes place on the roof BAAD gallery in Tel Aviv.I call this Etruscan Torture <one lively maiden chained to a rotting corpse> but I seem to be alone in this.
This is FB event
Re-em H, bass & vocals
Zax, no-input-mixer & knobs
oof, tape
D Opp, drums & vocals
Thursday March 6 at 21:30
BAAD gallery rooftop
Salame 60 tlvFree for all
 Cadabra BAAD
CADAVER EYES – the return!
The official CADAVER EYES re-emergence will take place at the rejuvenated Koro, a re-emerging spot in its own right.Also on the bill: KATAMINE and SUICIDAL FURNITIURE
A Facebook thing exists 
Friday 7.3.2014 at 21:00
Koro, Yitzchak Sade 32 tlv. $$=some.
Read more here
 Zax at Bandito fest March 2014 ZAX Solo @ Bandito fest
I’m really excited about this one: I don’t often play solo, and this is going to be of these rare-ish events:I will play solo as the closing act on this Mexicanilly themed punk/hardcore fest.
I don’t know much about what about what it’ll eventually be, but I do know this:Será ruidoso!
(post event add: event featured Juan of Schurdistan/BatHayamHaktana on amazing vokills)Saturday 8.3.14 at Koro (formerly known as Patipone/Rugatka), Yitzchak Sade 32, Tel-Aviv.Festival starts at 16:30, I am scheduled to play around 23:00-ish. 40 nis.Check out FB/poster for details.
 Iancu's Score for Athens Hyperion Ensemble in Athens
The spectral entity of which I am a member, commonly known as Hyperion Ensemble, which is dedicated to the works of Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram, will play a one one-off concert in Athens, Greece, at the highly intriguing Transitions 1.Balkans: Contemporary Art Festival of the Independent Balkan Scene.
The concert will feature new and old works by Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram. See program here.
The event will be appended with an after-performance artist talk.
Wednesday 12.3.2014, 19:00
upper stage of Onasis Cultural Center
Greece, Athens
ASHER.ZAX Mini Northern tour
Meira Asher and I are taking the Artaud-Owen unit on the road.
The general direction is north:We begin in
Syrup, Haifa (Tue. 18.3)
then head out to Switzerland for two shows:

(Fri. 21.3)

(Sat. 22.3).Dates, Details, currencies – here

Primate Arena network friends from London, Cafe Oto, are trying to put together an exhibition of art works by the one and only Adam Bohman (Bohman Brothers/Morphogenesis).Apparently, he has thousands of amazing collages and drawings that have never been seen before. If you know any Bohman, you know that it is bound to be irresistible.Cafe Oto launched a fundraiser a few weeks ago with a nice little film about Adam’s work.
Check it out here, and if you can, possibly consider helping their just cause.

end of transmission

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