Asher.Zax.05-08: mini-tour

Meira Asher and I are taking the Artaud-Owen unit on the road. The general direction is north – we begin in Haifa (18.3) then head out to Switzerland for two shows: Zurich (21.3) and Lausanne (22.3). 


Haifa we play in Syrup; In Zurich we will play on Dave Philips’  platform Atonal at Klubi, with BxUxG, Andreas Glauser and Strotter Inst.; and in Lausanne at Le Bourg, where Meira will also screen her film Women See Lots Of Things earlier that same day. Our hosts in Laussane are Château Ghetto.

Here is a little description.


Meira Asher (Crammed, Sub Rosa, Auditorium) and Eran Sachs (Sub Rosa, Hyperion Ensemble, Lietterschpich) are two sound artists/experimental musicians whose work is intimately tied with respective researches, both of which sway between the explicitly political and the highly personal. Unapologetic, direct, at times fierce and at others graceful, they are using their media of voice, text, modular and chaotic systems to force a path to the raw human substrate that permits the collision of suffering and joy. In their current set they approach two texts – one by Wilfred Owen and one by Antonin Artaud – each written shortly after a World War.

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