CADAVER EYES re-emergence, 2014


Since 2010’s MLC (=Mesarvim Lihyot Kovshim, ie refusing to be occupiers) CADAVER EYES has been pretty much dormant. Not entirely, but somehow not exactly active. But sometime in 2013 something happened and new undead spirits started breathing their foul stench through the corpse.  After several months of preparations, CADAVER EYES now re-emerges with a new set, our most song-based to date. Tested once in a darkened private studio in Jerusalem, this new stuff seems promising. At least to me it is.

This is the first  time since my Incarnation days that I go onstage with a set-list; with song titles and all.

The official CADAVER EYES re-emergence will take place at the rejuvenated Koro, a re-emerging spot in its own right.


this event has the nicest flyer ever made for a thing. Avinoam Sternheim is responsible.

A Facebook thing exists here.

Friday 7.3.2014 at 21:00

Koro, Yitzchak Sade 32 tlv. $$=some.


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