PRIMATE ARENA at Bucharest’s FALSE festival

In September 2013, PRIMATE ARENA collaborated with Bucharest’s SAMBATA SONORA and London’s CAFE OTO in organizing the 3 day FALSE festival in Bucharest.

Here is the program:

Unbeknownst to us, we first came across Sambata Sonora two years earlier, when we chanced upon one of their beautiful silkscreen publication at Bucharest’s English bookshop:

We later met in London in 2012, during the networking part of Cafe Oto’s Counterflows festival, which in itself is a vision I have been fostering for a long time and which began to take shape with the help and collaboration of Hamish Dunber at Cafe Oto and Kathy Graham and Paul Parkinson of the British Council.

FALSE festival is our first attempt to realize a project as part of this network.

Over its three days the FALSE festival included performances of Romanian electronic musicians, an open panel/talk, and concerts arranged by Primate Arena and by Cafe Oto. Here are some snippets from our show and from the Romanian ,Showcase courtesy of Sambata Sonora’s Octav Avramescu:


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