PRIMATE ARENA modular/analogue systems

PRIMATE ARENA goes systematic!

The next PRIMATE ARENA event will hark into the origins of electronic sound and accumulate five layers of fuzzy elusive insight as to what can be done with modular and analogue systems.

Five artists present five solo sets. Five different approaches to modular systems. Though each of the guest artists is established in their own right, this event is actually a debut PRIMATE ARENA performance for all three.

I am trying to develop for this event something of a new approach to the no-input-mixer. Click on the photo if you want to learn a little more about it.


mise_en_scene (modular analogue synth)

ZaX (modular no-input-mixer)

Alex Drool (percussion & analogue system)

Mule Drive (analogue synths)

Spark o (analogue synths)

Friday Aug. 23rd at 21:00

Hanut31, 31 Ha’aliya st. TLV, 20 nis


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