Christoph Heemann’s mini IL tour

PRIMATE ARENA presents: Christoph Heemann’s mini IL tour

Christoph Heemann has been a central figure on the experimental music terrain since the mid 80s. He has made a name for himself as a musician, composer, remix artist, and engineer through groups like HNAS, Mimir, Mirror, In Camera, and collaborations with Lee Ranaldo, Charlemagne Palestine, Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow, Organum, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, and others. His Streamline label he has issued music by John Duncan, Little Annie, Keiji Haino, Intersystems, Limpe Fuchs, Xhol Caravan, and many more.

In 2010 I invited Christoph Heemann to Jerusalem’s Musraramix festival, alongside Ghedalia Tazartes, Fritz Welsh and People Like Us. He gave a wonderful solo show in Jerusalem, which eventually resulted in Christoph’s first ever significant US tour. We also did a nice trio in Tel Aviv with Alex Drool, which we stupidly and quite typically forgot to document.

Earlier this year Christoph returned to Israel as part of Ilan Volkov’s Tectonics festival, and we spent lovely two weeks together and did a show at Uganda with Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney , Robbie Avenheim and Nico Teen.

Now, this week, Christoph Heemann returns for two Primate Arena events in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. In Te Aviv I will collaborate with maverick turntablist Ofir Bachmutzky; the Jerusalem show will feature a trio with Christoph Heemann and Nico Teen.

Here are some details:

Primate Arena Heemann hant

Christoph Heemann (Germany) /w Nico Teen & Drool
Grisha Shakhnes
Eran Sachs & Ofir Bachamutzky
Friday Aug. 2nd at 21:00
Hanut31, 31 Ha’aliya st. TLV

Primate Arena Uganda

Christoph Heemann /w Zax and Nico Teen
Alex Drool

Sunday  Aug 4th 2013 at 9:00 p.m
Uganda JLM, 20 nis


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