LIETTERSCHPICH live @ Uganda’s 8th b-day. 23/5/2013

Uganda b-day flyerUganda in Jerusalem in the world’s sanest corner, singularly battling the darkest forces of the hellmouth on a daily basis. This is by far my favorite spot on earth, and every show there is something special. Ask OM, who played their six hour set which became Live in Jerusalem; ask Oren Ambarchi, who actually released their camera recording of his set there – unfathomable for an artist of total sonic pedantry; ask anyone, really – Daniel Higgs, Kevin Blechdom, Stephen O’Malley, a Hawk and a Hacksaw, Ovo and any of the countless other artists who gave memorable shows there.

And next week Uganda is celebrating its 8th b-day. And they invited LIETTERSCHPICH to headline the first of three consecutive nights, which also feature Taapet, Bela Tarr and dj sets by Panda Porn and Latifa Punk and others.

Check out the flyer…

Uganda, 4 Aristobolus st., Jerusalem
Friday, May 23rd-25th, 2013

FYI, this just might be Lietterschpich’s last show before a long hiatus, as one of us is about to spawn.

The band is on its peak, as the photos from the last show clearly indicate. Do not miss this.


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