New HYPERION ENSEMBLE release – Edition Modern 1030

Very proud to be part of this:

Edition Modern has just released a new CD by Hyperion Ensemblul, featuring music by Romanian Spectralist composers IANCU DUMITRESCU and ANNA-MARIA AVRAM.
The CD is the second one from our 2011 concerts in Israel, and features special guest Stephen O’Malley on guitar and myself on no-input-mixer as the electronic/electric division of the ensemble. Conductor Ilan Volkov was the artistic director and the ensemble also featured Maya Dunietz (flute, piano), Amit Dolberg (piano), Ilan Volkov (violin), Ronald Boerse’n (viola), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet), Eran Bril (clarinet), Assaf Talmudi (accordion), Ram Gabbai and Alex Drool (percussion), Shmil Frankel, Adam Scheflan and Danni Felsteiner (doublebasses).
The pieces range from compositions for instruments with computer sounds to improvised acoustic pieces and spectral computer music.
You can find two excerpts on the Hyperion Ensemblul Music Page.

Edition Modern 1030 -CD-rear

Distributed by:

Metamkine (France)
Sufle Continu (Paris) 

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