Eran Sachs on Framework radio (Resonance 104.4fm)

Framework, a long-running radio show on London’s Resonance 104.4fm, recently aired an edition of their framework:ephemera series for which I was asked to select a few field recordings that I find particularly interesting.
I ended up choosing recordings by Mazen Kerbaj, The Shadow Ring , Alvin Curran, Luc Ferrari, Seijiro Murayama & Eric la Casa,  Christopher DeLaurenti and Trevor Wishart – each presenting an particular insight into questions of sound, music, political and semantic content. I introduced the recordings in a conversation with Framework‘s Patrick McGinley (aka Murmer), who skillfully edited the pieces and the long conversation into a one hour program.
The program is now archived and can be found here.
You can listen to it directly at Framework #418: 2013.04.28 by Framework Radio on Mixcloud
framework is a radio show which is consecrated to field recording and it’s use in composition.  framework began broadcasting in june, 2002 on the newly reformed resonance 104.4fm in london. the show now airs on 5 radio stations around the world, with streams and podcasts on it’s own website.
Check them out:

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