Melt Kna’an is a freeform sound-poetry/vocal-composition by Primate Arena, which utilizes words that had failed to make it into the Hebrew language.

In our researches we have conjured words that were derived from the various corpi of the Hebrew language, including  Biblical, Kabbalistic, Talmudic, Diasporic and the recently constructed modern spoken Hebrew.

Melt Kna’an can take on various forms, and has been present in different guises such as a piece for duo, for a small ensemble or for large ensembles, as an open public workshop,  as a proper academic lecture, as site-specific sound installations and as an electroacoustic composition for radio.

It has been presented in official spaces such as Bard College NY, Edinburgh University and Tel Aviv’s Minshar Art School; venues such as London’s Cafe Oto; DIY spaces such as Glasgow’s Open School platform and Tel Aviv’s Rugatka club; and festivals such as Newcastle’s A/V Festival.

Here is a link to a special version I prepared for People Like Us’ Radio Boredcast (press on the wfmu pop-up player).

WFMU: Radio Boredcast: Playlist from March 15, 2012.

Primate Arena presents: Melt Kna’an

“do we speak a dead language?  does wi speek a deid lingwhich? d_ w_ sp__k _ d__d l_ng__g_?from Tel Aviv’s Primate Arena house of oddball assembly come two of Israel’s most truly OUT multi/anti-linguistic improvisers to argue a healthy good case that the spraff of yr God, G_d, Grud and other fuds are dead in the salty seas seeing as how they’ve substituded The Word for a series of enunciations sans diction spat from gob or procedureless ritual communicated via trap skin and barren mixer which even the most illiterate of heathens can understand”.
“פריימט ארינה מציגים: כנען נמסה – תרכובת/תקשורת לקהל גדול
אנחנו מדברים בשפה מתה?
עושה wi speek lingwhich deid?
d_ w_ sp__k _ d__d l_ng__g_?
מבית ארנה הפרימאטים של תל אביב של הרכבה תמהונית מגיע שניים מהמאלתרים ביותר באמת OUT רב / אנטי הלשוניים של ישראל להתווכח מקרה טוב בריא שspraff של השנה אלוהים, G_d, Grud וFuds האחרים מתים בים מלוח כמו לראות איך הם כבר substituded Word עבור סדרה של דיקציה enunciations Sans ירקה מפה או פולחן procedureless מתקשר באמצעות עור מלכודת ומיקסר עקר שאפילו יודע קרוא וכתוב ביותר של עובדי אלילים יכולים להבין”.

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